About Me

dog walking


I have been involved with dogs all my life and even when my parents would not have another dog after our Boxer died.

I walked the dogs of the many shop owners in Ilford and also the dogs of my relatives, a very mixed bunch of breeds from Heinz 57s to Beagles, German Shepherds and Border Collies.

I was once asked in Sunday School what I wanted to be when I grew up and my reply was “a dog trainer”.

On leaving school I became a shorthand typist!  Soon after getting married, we got our first Yellow Labrador, Tanner and we have had dogs ever since over our 42 year marriage.

I was told by a trainer some years ago, at great expense, when I was seeking advice about what I could have done to prepare our Guide Dog puppy for his time in kennels, which he found very traumatic, that he could not teach me anything.

Apparently I knew it all already!

“Right. Go for it” I thought and so it all started.

I am a volunteer with Pets as Therapy and visit schools as part of the Read2Dogs Scheme with my Golden Retriever, Joshua and in the near future I hope, with my friend, who is a hypnotherapist, to work with people who have a fear of dogs, also with Joshua.

I also do home checks for several rescue centres, for people wanting to take on a rescue dog.