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Welcome to Rochford Dogs, we are committed to helping you and your dog achieve a level of obedience to make him a happy and well behaved companion, using only positive, kind, reward based training methods – no push and pull or harsh treatments.

Examples of positive rewards are treats, toys and verbal praises.

While it is imperative to maintaining a degree of firmness when training, it is also important to be fair and only reward good behavior. Choke, half checks, spiked collars and electric collars are not recommended and will not be allowed in class.

Dogs are all different and therefore one method may work better for some than others.

The services focus on building and maintaining a strong bond with your canine partner, this will ensure a positive relationship and a long rewarding companionship.

Clicker training and lure and reward can be used with food as a reinforcer, but some dogs may not be food orientated and will work better for a toy and a game of tug or physical and of course verbal praise.

I believe we should bring up our dogs as we would our children, guiding them and giving them boundaries.  Not dominating them or believing that they are dominating us.  Our dogs are not out to take over!

We invite you to visit one of our training classes and have a look around, view the services and talk to other dog owners.

By joining one of our classes, you will also build up a weekly resource folder that you can use as a point of reference once the training has ended.

You will also have access to discuss specific problems, medical treatment and gain group feedback.

The classes are ongoing and have three optional levels that can be achieved; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

This will ensure you dog has the full range of skills to provide both mental and physical exercise.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon.


dog walking

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